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Data Analytics is one of the most demanding jobs worldwide. Diverse industries are seeking a Data Analyst who is a master in his role. But what does a data analyst do? On behalf of Innocams, I am here to guide you with detailed information on what are the responsibilities of a Data Analyst. 

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to delve into various types of data analyst and their tasks in different fields. Also, find effective tools that help them to make data-driven decisions to improve business outcomes. So, let’s get started! 

What Does A Data Analyst Do?

A data analyst analyses large datasets to determine key insights into a business’s customers and suggests ways the data can be used to solve problems. I have done thorough research on what does a data analyst do and encountered that they are mixed in related fields like machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, and business analytics

They collect, clean, and interpret datasets to predict potential outcomes for businesses. A data analyst takes these predictive insights and explains them to key decision-makers and stakeholders in a non-technical manner. Data analysts are also responsible for overseeing the prevalent process of collecting and storing data as well as developing guidelines for data quality. 

Types of Data Analyst

What does a data analyst do completely depends on what type of job they are doing. From criminal justice, technology, food, media and entertainment, public sectors, health, and fashion, as advanced technology is rapidly expanding, the demand for data analysts has increased in almost every industry. Let’s explore different types of data analysts, the tools they use and how much do data analysts make to understand their jobs better.

Market research analyst

A Market research analyst is responsible for evaluating data using advanced statistical tools and software such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS, Microsoft Power BI, and Google Sheets to forecast future market trends. As I am analysing what does a data analyst do in this guide, I have found on different reports that data analyst salary also depends on their responsibilities. The average salary of a Market research analyst is $67,099 in the USA. 

Business analyst

The Business analyst documents a business’s or organisation’s process and working system to access their business model and provide valuable solutions accordingly. They also use different statistical technologies to analyse and interpret data. The average salary of a Business analyst based on their job responsibilities is $98,970 per year in the USA. 

Medical and health care analyst

A Medical and healthcare analyst is a data analyst who compiles, organises, analyses and interprets valuable data related to healthcare. Their job is extremely important as it can be directly related to the patient’s treatment. The use of R or Python language, Tableau, Jupyter Notebooks, and SAS is what does a data analyst do in the medical field to do their job. The salary of a Medical and health care analyst is also quite handsome in different locations of the USA, from $68,200, and $87,500. 

Operations research analyst

An Operations research analyst works with the problem in specific areas such as logistics, business, healthcare, and other fields. They organise information from various sources using advanced tools such as SQL, SPSS, Tableau, and SAS to do their tasks. The median salary of an Operations research analyst is $85,720. 

Business intelligence analyst

As a Business intelligence analyst, you need to analyse data to prepare your business according to market intelligence and financial reports. They use Tableau, Domo, Microsoft Power BI, and other tools to do their job. The average salary of a Business intelligence analyst in the USA according to their job is $126,000 per year. 

Intelligence analyst

As I did careful research on what does a data analyst do, I have come to know that the role of an Intelligence analyst is significant for businesses. They use data visualisation tools such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS, Google Sheets, and Jupyter Notebooks as well as programming languages such as R and Python to do their work. According to their job responsibilities their average salary ranges between $75,029 to $133,926. 

Please Note: The average salary of a data analyst depends on their job responsibilities as well as the location they are working. This guide does not contain an accurate salary for every type of data analyst. It is an average range. 

Tasks and Responsibilities

Every data analyst is responsible for gathering and interpreting data to make meaningful insights for specific problems. You may choose to specialise in a particular field but a common set of tasks is consistent for all data analysts. I have researched some typical responsibilities all types of data analysts must have in every industry. Here is what does a data analyst do on a day-to-day basis:

Collect Data

The first and most important task of fresher data analysis is to collect data themselves. This responsibility also includes conducting surveys, analysing historical data, tracking visitor’s characteristics on the official website, and purchasing datasets from other data collection specialists. 

Clean Data

Raw data often contains duplicate values, errors, and outliers that may restrict the interpretation process. Cleaning datasets requires expert skills and knowledge of various technological tools. Data cleaning reflects maintaining the data quality in a spreadsheet using formulas or running programming languages. This way, the data analysts make sure that the interpretation is not skewed or wrong. 

Model Design

Model designing is another role that falls under the list of what does a data analyst do. This means developing and designing the structure of a database. Data analysts have to choose what type of data they want to store and collect, establish related data categories, and work through how the data appears during the prediction method. 

Interpret Data

Interpreting data is another notable responsibility of data analysts. This includes finding patterns or trends in datasets that can help recognise the problem and predict answers. This task requires adequate knowledge of statistical and technological tools. 

Present Insights

After analysing and interpreting the dataset, data analytics communicates the findings and suggestions to the stakeholders of the business. When we ask what does a data analyst do, the first thing we think of is analysing data. However, apart from that presenting insights is a crucial part of this job role. This task includes creating visualisations such as graphs and charts, writing reports, and presenting information to final decision-makers. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gained a clear understanding of what does a data analyst do, it is your time to specialise in your preferred field and start exploring your career as a data analyst. The tasks and responsibilities of a data analyst require adequate knowledge of advanced statistical and technological tools. Their roles are significant in enhancing business outcomes. How much do data analysts make can also vary, as different types of data analysts have different job responsibilities and tasks.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your career journey today. We hope our guidance has helped you to pursue your goals. Do not forget to share your experience with us. Stay connected to Innocams as we return with another effective solution for your business and career. 


What does a data analyst do?

Data analysts analyse datasets by collecting, cleaning, and interpreting them. 

What tools does a data analyst use?

Data analysts use various advanced technologies such as Microsoft Excel, SQL, SPSS, R or Python language, Microsoft Power BI, Google Sheets, Tableau, Jupyter Notebooks, and SAS.

Does a data analyst need to learn programming languages?

Yes. Data analysts need to learn programming languages such as I and Python to do data cleaning and prediction.

What are the types of data analysts?

Some types of data analysts are Market research analysts, Business analysts, Medical and health care analysts, Operations research analysts, and Business intelligence analysts.

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